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Quickstart: Connect an Orgpal PalThree to Azure IoT

In this quickstart you'll be connecting the Orgpal PalThree (from now on, PalThree) to Azure IoT.

PalThree Board

Sensor Protocols and Features On-Board

  • RS 485/Modbus
  • TTL Serial
  • 4-20mA
  • Flow Meters/Pulse Counts
  • On Board Relay
  • Ultra Low Power Modes
  • RTC On Board
  • USB File System
  • SD Card/File System
  • Flash File System on Board (16MB)
  • Direct GPIO for analog and digital input in the 3.3/5V
  • Expansion Slots for Modules and Add Ons
  • Communication via Ethernet/Wifi, Cellular and Satellite

What you need

Clone the repo for the quickstart

Clone the following repo to download the sample code.

gh repo clone

Get the PalThree ready

The PalThree already has .NET nanoFramework firmware installed. You may want to check if it's running the latest version.

  1. Install nanoff tool if you haven't done so before.
dotnet tool install -g nanoff
  1. Run the tool to update the firmware
nanoff --update --target ORGPAL_PALTHREE

Open the solution in Visual Studio

Open the PalThree-Azure-IoT solution in Visual Studio.

Store Azure Root CA certificate in the device

Uploading the Azure Root CA to the device make things easier (and simpler). Please follow the instructions on how to do this.

Create the X.509 certificates for the device

If you need to create device a certificate for your device you have follow the instructions here very closely.

Setup Azure IoT Hub

Please find here the instructions on how to setup Azure IoT Hub and create an IoT device.


Sample project demoing how to connect Orgpal PalThree board to Azure IoT







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