Plotting the relationships between VSS 2014 abstracts
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Plotting the relationships between VSS 2016 abstracts

##Introduction These notebooks create a force directed graph of the relationships between VSS 2016 abstract co-authors. It takes a Python dictionary that contains author and title information for the accepted abstracts (visvssrelationships_data_2016.json) and creates a dynamic plot using NetworkX and D3.js. The force directed graph utilizes a physical simulation of charged particles and links to bring co-authored articles closer.


##Prerequisites You can run the graph generation in Jupyter.

  • jupyter
  • beautifulsoup4
  • tqdm
  • aiohttp
  • networkx
  • requests

D3.js is dynamically loaded for the presentation page.

##Installation & Usage Running the Jupyter notebooks will generate a "force.json" file in the html subdirectory that has all of the necessary node/link information necessary for D3.js. Load the index.html file in the html directory to see the dynamic simulation. Note that since the index.html requires loading a JSON file, you may need to host this on a webserver. To see a live demo, please go to:

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