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A universal maps plugin for django CMS, supporting all major map providers.

Supported online map providers:

  • Mapbox OpenStreetMap powered by Leaflet.js
  • Bing Maps
  • Google Maps
  • HERE WeGo
  • ViaMichelin

All map providers require an API key, which you usually get for free by creating a developer account (using the links below).


This plugin requires django CMS 3.3 (and Django 1.8) or above.

  • In your project's virtualenv, run pip install djangocms-maps.
  • Add 'djangocms_maps' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  • Run migrate djangocms_maps.


MAPS_PROVIDERS = [ ('<str>', '<str>'), ... ]

Optional. Allows you to specify the providers you want to offer, their display labels and sort order in the user interface. Put a provider on top of the list to make it the default. Default:

    ('mapbox', _('Mapbox OSM (API key required)')),
    ('bingmaps', _('Bing Maps (API key required)')),
    ('googlemaps', _('Google Maps (API key required)')),
    ('here', _('HERE WeGo (API key required)')),
    ('viamichelin', _('ViaMichelin (API key required)')),


API key for Bing Maps (required for using Bing Maps).


API key for Google Maps (required for using Google Maps).

MAPS_HERE_API_KEY = {'app_id': '<str>', 'app_code': '<str>'}

APP_ID and APP_CODE for HERE WeGo (required for using HERE maps).


Access token for Mapbox (required for using OSM maps with Mapbox tile layers).


API key for ViaMichelin (required for using ViaMichelin maps).


Organice Demo:

Your maps plugin playground! Allows you to directly edit and view (albeit not to publish) changes on the maps plugin after authenticating.


If you want to help translate the plugin please do it on transifex.

Developer Resources