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Raw API specification files for OrganiCity API endpoints.
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OrganiCity API Specification

This repository holds the OrganiCity API specification documents.

The raw API is specified as a set of Swagger files, which are YAML-formatted text documents. These reside in the subfolder raw/.

The Swagger website supplies a overview, and a specification of the Swagger standard. To edit these documents, you can use the Swagger editor.

Each OrganiCity API document roughly correlates to one component, tool or service of the OrganiCity ecosystem. If you start work on specifying a new component that has no API here yet, feel free to add another document.


Documentation Generation

This repository contains tools to automatically generate a static HTML page from the specification. These pages make up the official OrganiCity API documentation, for now located at our Github page at

Building the documentation

To build the documentation in a local copy of this repository, you first need to install the required tools:

npm install

The npm utility is provided by the Ubuntu package npm. For Windows it can be installed with the node.js installer.

After you have installed the required tools via npm, you can create the documentation files with the supplied makefile by calling:


This creates a set of HTML files in the subfolder static/, which contain the finished HTML for your specifications.

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