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Commits on Apr 3, 2013
  1. Time to add documentation . We add a second module that will mount in…

    …side it the API and add swagger style documentation generation. We will now mount this second module as out API.
  2. Rails needs to find this, so lets add our new directory. And time for…

    … a small hello world! The engihne needs to be mounted..
  3. We almost also have a working API! we used jbuilder and we need to tw…

    …eak the generated json views.
  4. This is nice. But this is an admin party, only authenticated users sh…

    …ould edit all this stuff. Clean up routes
  5. Now let's tell mongoing what is what and establish some relations bet…

    …ween our models. Locations will have many meetups, meetups will have a single location but many talks. Talks belong to a meetup and a user. A user can have many talks.
  6. Now let's generate our domain objects. Talks are given by a person, a…

    …t a meetup that has a data, a starting time and a location.
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