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This directory contains code for interacting with Origin tokens on TestNets.

  • faucet: Web application that implements a faucet for Origin tokens.
  • scripts: Scripts and cli tools.
  • lib: Common code.


Use origin-box to start an origin-js container.

  docker-compose up origin-js

To use the faucet

Start the server in the origin-js container

 docker exec -w /app/token origin-js node faucet/app.js --network_ids=999

The server should start and you can point your browser to http://localhost:5000 to access the faucet web UI.

To use the cli

Example 1 - get the balance of an account:

  docker exec -w /app/token origin-js node scripts/token_cli.js  --action=balance --wallet=0xf17f52151ebef6c7334fad080c5704d77216b732

Example 2 - credit an account with tokens:

  docker exec -w /app/token origin-js node scripts/token_cli.js --action=credit --wallet=0xf17f52151ebef6c7334fad080c5704d77216b732
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