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OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph network node - OT-Node v6

OriginTrail technology is a set of tools and protocols evolving as the semantic layer for Web3, built on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG). Its function is to empower developers and system integrators utilizing decentralized knowledge exchange supported by emerging standards and DLT networks.

Version 6 is the latest implementation of OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph. OriginTrail is currently in the launch procedure.

The DKG v6 introduces various improvements to the existing OriginTrail DKG. Among others, it will introduce:

  • the Universal Asset Locator (UAL), akin to URLs in Web2
  • improved discoverability, performance and semantic powers with the expanding support for semantic technologies such as RDF, OWL, SPARQL, Triple Pattern Fragments, SHACL and others
  • numerous performance updates to the protocol & network implementation

To learn more about OriginTrail v6, check out this blogpost.


OriginTrail software is open source (Apache 2 licence) and open for contributions by anyone. We encourage the developer community to submit issues and pull requests for DKG v6 on this repo. Please have the issue/PR name formatted like this for easy navigation: [v6] Issue name goes here

For a live discussion you are welcome to join the OriginTrail tech community in our Discord!

Launch procedure

The OriginTrail DKG v6 launch is performed in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 which introduces the new network and data layer. The goal of Stage1 is to verify smooth operation of the v6 network and data layer in a public network environment.
  • Stage 2 which introduces the incentivisation layer (smart contracts and TRAC token). Stage 2 immediately kicks in once stage 1 KPIs are stable, which will introduce the incentivisation layer, implemented through smart contracts, opening the doors for token delegation, staking and improving several existing mechanisms
  • Stage 3 will be focused on performing the migration from v5 to the v6 mainnet.

Throughout the stages the OriginTrail community is invited to participate by actively utilizing the v6 network. Each node will be capable of collecting granular network KPI and telemetry data and publishing it to the DKG itself, further utilized by the core developers to improve the DKG implementation and proceed through the launch stages. For that purpose, there will be a designated reward pool that node runners will be able to collect by submitting relevant network utilization data. All node runners will be motivated to test and utilize their nodes in various creative ways, in order to generate as much quality DKG utilization data to be able to collect rewards. The collected data will include performance metrics, collected error information from bugs occurrences and other. More details on the reward pool distribution among all node runners will be available shortly.

Node setup instructions

Setup instructions are available in the official documentation.