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OriginTrail Node

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OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making global supply chains work together by enabling a universal, collaborative and trusted data exchange.

This repository contains a work-in-progress code for a network node.

OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) is currently running in the OriginTrail v4 Freedom-Gemini Mainnet stage. For further information about the roadmap please see our website.

Please see our main documentation page for more information


Detailed instructions for installation and configuration of OriginTrail Node:

What is OriginTrail

OriginTrail is a purpose-built, open protocol for cross-organizational data sharing in supply chains, supported by blockchain.

The key issues OriginTrail tackles are:

  • Fragmented and siloed data across supply chains
  • Low data interoperability
  • Preventing vendor lock-in
  • Ensuring the integrity of exchanged data

The OriginTrail Ecosystem is built on 3 main pillars:


Being an open-source, decentralized system, based on open global standards, neutrality is crucial for the OriginTrail ecosystem as it prevents vendor lock-ins, ensures integrity, and effectively breaks data silos. Neutrality means adopting co-creation principles, working with other blockchain ecosystems and solutions builders even as they may be competing in the same market on the application level.


Both blockchain environments, as well as OriginTrail, are fundamental technologies. In order to ensure the onboarding of enterprises, there needs to be a great focus on enhancing the user experience, as solutions need to meet the expectations of rapid value generation.


Continuing to form partnerships with technological and business global leaders that can employ the OriginTrail ecosystem for their communities. Catering to the needs of leading global communities requires us to be making strides in designing technical infrastructure and business models that support the adoption of the OriginTrail in diverse business communities.

OriginTrail Decentralized Network Overview

OriginTrail protocol is utilized within the permissionless OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN). The ODN as a network holds a growing Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) with the following characteristics:

  • Linked data first structure - the graph, enabling connections between data points from all published datasets on the network, conformant with Semantic Web technologies such as RDF and JSON-LD
  • Schema flexibility - enabling the mapping of virtually any data model, preferably structured according to relevant standards (such as GS1 EPCIS and CBV) and recommendations (W3C Web of Things, Verifiable Credentials, PROV, etc.) for machine readability
  • Identity verification - enabling the utilization of novel identity frameworks such as Self-sovereign identity, in conjunction with industry-specific identity frameworks (such as GS1 GTIN, GIAI, GRAI and other identification schemes)
  • Efficient cryptographic integrity verification of subgraphs, using associated dataset graph fingerprints, computed as Merkle roots of the input datasets
  • Cryptographic connection entanglement - allowing linking of data points only when specific cryptographic rules are satisfied
  • Trust minimization through decentralization - utilizing a decentralized p2p overlay network for data exchange and the Ethereum blockchain in the consensus layer

Therefore the key development principles of OriginTrail ecosystem are:

  • Connection-first approach - providing ways to connect the world's data into a global, decentralized knowledge graph
  • Technological neutrality - avoiding technological lock-ins and striving towards agnosticism where possible
  • Decentralization - designing, implementing and utilizing that are not based on trusted-third parties or centralized entities
  • Privacy-by-Design approach - according to the 7 Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design
  • Development transparency - towards the OriginTrail Ecosystem community of developers, node holders and businesses
  • Open Source Development - according to Open Source Software principles


OriginTrail is an open source project. We happily invite you to join us in our mission of building decentralised world of supply chain. If you would like to contribute, you are more than welcome.

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