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@schrink schrink released this Mar 12, 2018 · 2014 commits to master since this release

V0.3.0a “Luna” release notes

Release date: March 12th, 2018

The first release in March features the first test compensation system with alpha tokens on the Ethereum Rinkeby test network. Utilizing a custom designed TAR scheme (“Test-Answer-Receipt” protocol) it allows for random checks on the availability of OT services and data provided by the DH (data holder) nodes, according to the predefined “deal” (service conditions, price, and longevity). The compensation is handled according to the results of the checks and allows the DH node to independently collect tokens from a Service escrow smart contract.

The node installation instructions can be found here. Alpha tokens can be obtained by request from our team at - send us your Rinkeby wallet addresses and our team will forward you the test tokens. For the future versions, we plan on implementing a token faucet.

This release should be considered as an intermediate release used for the purposes of experimentation and for determining the appropriate token compensation mechanisms.

New features:

  • Initial payment mechanism using Alpha test token on Rinkeby network, utilizing an Escrow smart contract
  • Signed compensation receipts and payout method
  • Graph hashing using Merkle trees, improved by utilizing one fingerprint per import
  • Updated XML importer and XML structure according to business needs to be observed in pilots
  • Introduced JSON file importer for replication
  • Node vertices encryption utilizing RSA
  • Automated (proto) Proof-of-Service testing based on random checks and TAR protocol
  • Usage of MongoDB for storing session data
  • Using uPnP port forwarding for nodes behind NAT
  • Various interface improvements - both servers (IPC and RPC) can be started with the single command npm start, for new versions of the node you will be able to automatically update it just by running node update, increased verbosity of terminal messages and logging into the file log.log, etc.


  • The current prototype doesn’t support full replication yet. Currently, there’s one DH node associated per each DC node, for testing purposes, while further improvements are coming with Ranger and Kosmos releases.
  • Additionally, the next release (Mechta) will feature Kadence instead of Kad and Quasar because of their depreciation, as well as to address the NAT port forwarding issue

Known issues:

  • Currently, messages between DC (data creator) and DH (data holder) are not signed so Sybil attacks are possible. This will be addressed in Ranger release
  • The DH node does not automatically verify that the escrow was created, which puts DC in a favorable position. This will be addressed by the Kosmos release
  • Implemented uPnP NAT port forwarding functions only if the node is behind one router, but not behind chained multiple routers, and if the router has a public IP address.
  • Minimum RAM for install process is 1GB, on servers with 512MB or less, a swap file is needed
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