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Set of files to to enable syntax highlight for MESA inlist and *.list files. It highlights all the possible keywords (only if followed by an apropiate expression if it is either a boolean or a number) as well as comments. The syntax highlight of inlist files is applied to any file whose name starts with inlist except inlist.vim.

For the syntax highlight to work properly. the .vimrc file should contain the lines:

syntax on
filetype indent plugin on

The *.vim files found in ftplugin/ directory modify the configuration of tabs to expandtab and tablength equal to 3 spaces and set autoindent on.

The *.vim files found in syntax/ directory and the ones generated with the python codes have each section commented, therefore can be easily modified to delete syntax highlight for numbers or strings.

Release 9575

The *.vim files found in syntax/ directory are the ones corresponding to MESA release 9575. Thus, using MESAastro-vim for this release only requires moving the folders ftdetect/, ftplugin/ and syntax/ inside $HOME/.vim/.

Other MESA releases

The repository also contains the files and written in Python that write the inlist.vim and list.vim files when executed by retreving the keywords from $MESA_DIR/star/defaults (note that it is required to have $MESA_DIR properly defined). The execution of the python codes will create two files inlist.vim and list.vim which should replace the files currently present in the syntax/ folder. Afterwards, the three folders should be moved or copied inside $HOME/.vim/ as explained for MESA-r9575. The python codes rely on the *.defaults files and the history_columns.list and profile_columns.list, therefore, this repository is campatible with any MESA release as long as these filenames remain the same.


Vim syntax highlight for MESA inlist files





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