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Case for funding

This page describes in detail why PEP 8 Speaks needs financial support and how donations can be made. Huge shoutout to and nayafia/lemonade-stand for being the detailed resources I needed to write this. I will highly appreciate your suggestions and inputs on this document. You can reach me on email at or message me on Twitter.

Table of Contents


Why is this project useful? Why do your users, or potential users, like it so much?

Maintainers of Python projects have a difficult time reviewing Pull Requests by new contributors who may not be aware of the code style. Due to code style issues hidden in CI logs, they are often overlooked when accepting new contributions. This project makes reviewing Pull Requests a little bit easier by reviewing the Pull Request for code style issues.

Code Style is important. It improves readability, prevents potential bugs (code smells) and lowers the barrier for new contributors a little bit. The project is designed to be helpful to the maintainers of Python projects which receive code contributions.

PEP 8 Speaks was launched in early 2017. The project is constantly under development with additions and modifications of features. Users report back with suggestions and "feature requests" which helps in shaping the future of the project. Check out the list of open issues on GitHub to understand where this project is headed and the list of closed issues and Pull Requests to see how it has evolved.

Use of funds

What, exactly, will you accomplish with the proposed funding? Focus on project milestones or outcomes rather than paying a salary.

PEP 8 Speaks is a free and open source software. A fork of the software can be modified and hosted by anyone without the need of paying or contributing back to the project.

However, the GitHub app needs a host server to process the requests. Heroku (current provider) allows a certain number of free hosting hours. However, with the increasing number of users and webhook payloads to the server, this would not be possible. As of February 2019, PEP 8 Speaks needs a paid Heroku host (dyno) for the last two days of the month, due to the exhaustion of free hours.

Additional funds allow the use of developer tools (logging services, etc.) on the server to aid the debugging process, which is very time-consuming as of now. Future plans include supporting Gitlab and Bitbucket platforms as well, which would significantly include server load and make it extremely difficult to run on free heroku accounts.

Minimum funds required for hosting this project is $7 per month.


Try to collect evidence that your project matters, whether it’s metrics, anecdotes, or testimonials. Are there any companies or noteworthy people using your project right now? If not, has a prominent person endorsed it?

Popular users

Name Description Link(s)
Pandas Powerful data manipulation tools for Python
Scikit Learn Contrib High quality scikit-learn compatible projects
Spyder IDE The Scientific Python Development Environment
Scikit Image Image Processing library in Python
xarray (PyData) N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
Astronomy organizations in Python
  • Astroquery (AstroPy)
  • Space Telescope Science Institute - Operated by AURA for NASA
  • SunPy - Python for Solar Physics
  • StingraySoftware - X-Ray Spectral Timing Made Easy
  • Gravitational-wave Astronomy - Python Software for Gravitational-wave Astronomy
Sebastian Raschka Author of "Python Machine Learning." Machine Learning researcher & open source contributor. Asst. Prof. of Statistics @ UW-Madison.
Mycroft AI An Open Source Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

See the complete list of organizations and users.

Value to funder

Funders, whether your employer or a grantmaking foundation, are frequently approached with opportunities. Why should they support your project over any other opportunity? How do they personally benefit?

You will receive attention from a lot of Open Source Python developers and scientists.

Here are some relevant statistics -

  • PEP 8 Speaks bot has commented over ~8000 Public Pull Requests - Source
  • Thousands of people (guesstimate) interact with the @pep8speaks bot.
  • The GitHub repository is visited by ~300 unique visitors every month (Source: GitHub Traffic data)

How to donate?

Does the funder have any requirements around disbursal? For example, you may need to be a nonprofit or have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. Or perhaps the funds must be given to an individual contractor rather than an organization. These requirements vary between funders, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

If you are an organization or for profit corporation and you you need a donation receipt to do taxes, please use the Open Collective option. If you are an individual Liberapay/Paypal is the easiest option.

1. Open Collective

Open Collective is a US based non profit (501c6) host and makes it easy for companies to support the project. Funds donated via OpenCollective are managed with transparent expenses and will be used for the expenses for the hosting services. Read more about Open Collective.

2. Liberapay


3. Paypal


Please email after the payment at with your or your company’s details to be put up on Project pages and websites.

Sponsorship Tiers

1. Backer

All dollars matter. Contribute $2 or more and get your Name and Link to your site in the Project README and the project website.

2. Silver Sponsor

$3 per month. You will get your Logo, Name, and Link to your site in the Project README and the project website.

3. Gold Sponsor

$84 per year. This will cover all the hosting costs for one year. You will get your Logo, Name, and Link to your site in the Project README and the project website. Your info will be added in @pep8speaks's GitHub bio.

Personal note: This is my first time asking for financial support for an Open Source project and I am very interested in doing this experiment. I highly appreciate and await all your suggestions/comments/feedback. You can reach me on email at or message me on Twitter.

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