This project is run on AWS Lambda and purges the cache on CloudFlare every time our site is depoyed
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O-Devs CloudFlare cache purger

This project is run on AWS Lambda and is executed every time a pull request is merged on the Orlando Devs blog repo.


Before running this project you need to create a config.json file within the root. Feel free to copy and paste the sample.config.json before proceeding. You'll need to fill out every field within config.json.

Below is an example of what your config.json file should look like:

// File location: `/config.js`
  "cloudflare": {
    "key": "cloudflare-key",
    "email": "cloudflare-email",
    "zone": "cloudflare-zone",
    "endpoint": "cloudflare-endpoint"


Before deploying this project you will need to:

  1. Clone this project
  2. Run npm install
  3. Zip project and upload to AWS Lambda

Be sure to take the following steps when zipping and uploading the project to AWS Lambda:

  • Include every file within this project in the zip file, including the node_modules directory
  • Be sure to have app.js, node_modules, etc in the root of your zip files. DO NOT ZIP the parent directory, as this will make things fail on Amazon (trust me I learned this the hard way).