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MCache library

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go-mcache - this is a fast key:value storage. Its major advantage is that, being essentially a thread-safe .


with expiration times, it doesn't need to serialize, and quick removal of expired keys.


~ $ go get -u

Example a Pointer value (vary fast method)

type User struct {
	Name string
	Age  uint
	Bio  string

func main() {
	//Start mcache instance
	MCache = mcache.New()

	//Create custom key
	key := "custom_key1"
	//Create example struct
	user := &User{
		Name: "John",
		Age:  20,
		Bio:  "gopher 80 lvl",

	//args - key, &value, ttl (or you need never delete, set ttl is mcache.TTL_FOREVER)
	err := MCache.Set(key, user, time.Minute*20)
	if err != nil {

	if data, ok := MCache.Get(key); ok {
		objUser:= data.(*User)
		fmt.Printf("User name: %s, Age: %d, Bio: %s\n", objUser.Name, objUser.Age, objUser.Bio)			

Performance Benchmarks

goos: darwin
goarch: amd64
BenchmarkWrite-4          200000              7991 ns/op 
BenchmarkRead-4          1000000              1716 ns/op 
BenchmarkRW-4             300000              9894 ns/op

What should be done

  • the possibility of closing
  • r/w benchmark statistics
  • rejection of channels in safeMap in favor of sync.Mutex (there is an opinion that it will be faster)