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# 1.2.1 > 1.3 (and for 1.4: ultra sql update! + pdf handling)
# Changelog
@ _other
+ Added composer.json
+ Added in $_conf['_sys_https'], a boolean value to tell you if you're on a HTTPS configuration
o Reviewed Apache compression configuration (thanks to:
o Changed $_conf['_sys_lifetime_cache'] to $_conf['_cache_lifetime']
- Removed base site title, description & keywords in
@ Cache
+ Added Cache::doOnce($filename, callable $instructions); which handles all data configuration by file treatment.
@ Db
+ Added Db::createBreadcrumb(3, array('scat', '_id', '_name', '_cat'), array('cat', '_id', '_name')));
+ Added an exception if a problem happens with fetchAll
\ Fixed jointure bug
@ KAptor
+ Added some checks into KAptor in order to avoid errors due to failing includes.
@ Lang
o Arranged Lang::getUserLang()
\ Fixed $this->_db I've forgotten to define when I rewrote the class.
@ Mail
o Changed addCCO to addBCC
@ Page
+ Added a check on your different metas (i.e. <title> has less than 50 chars, because this's better for seo)
+ Added method Page::setCanonical($zone, $page);
+ Added method Page::setRobots($instructions = array());
+ Added $_conf['Page_media']
+ Added Page::reconfigureHtaccess();
+ Debug mode now displaying all SQL requests, with file and line it was called.
o Changed $_conf['Page_userLang'] to $_conf['Page_user_lang']
o Reviewed Page::to() method
- Removed automated plugin instanciation mode and associated constant
- Removed obligation for plugins
- Removed _bench_sql attribute
@ Secure
\ Fixed Secure::sanitizeUrl() little (and annoying) bug
@ Plugin/kup
+ Added Kup, alternative to Markdown
@ Plugin/user
+ Added PM support in a thread way
+ Added Forum support
+ Added Gravatar support via User::getFromGravatar();
+ Added multiple role support plus multilingual support
o Changed checkCookiesThenActualizeSession() to checkCookiesThenUpdateSession() (my bad)
o Changed "_role" type to varchar(125)
o User::hasPermission() method now accepts array as arguments
\ Fixed permission tree settings