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masdrn commented Apr 13, 2012

MMap for the ability Charge Warrior does not work.

ghost commented Apr 13, 2012

you mean that charge not works?

@ghost Unknown added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 13, 2012
Venugh Core: Fix charge effects with mmaps. related to issue #2 71602d0
Orphus commented Apr 13, 2012

test it now:)

Vasago commented Apr 13, 2012

Conirmed also ... There is a little strange issue on that ... Try to use charge in Arathi Basin (AB) batleground:

  1. Use charge in front of barriers (fence) there (near graveyards - near stables or around farm and target must be in front of them
  2. Charge spell should jump over these objects not around them it is really strange to run all around it

This is similar to pet behaviour:

  1. Go to WSG battleground ... go with hunter there with pet... get killed ... revive ... Jump down ..
  2. Pet will go all over from base to tunnel and after appears near to you - he should jump down too

So there should be some "exceptions" for this kind of situations

Seems now it is really serious the fixes and stuff :)

ghost commented Apr 13, 2012

does my fix work?

masdrn commented Apr 13, 2012

Thanks for the fix.

ghost commented Apr 14, 2012


@ghost ghost closed this Apr 14, 2012
Orphus commented May 6, 2012

no,when charging warrior can not jump...

When warrior use charge, cannot jump

@Star-lion Star-lion added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 25, 2012
@Star-lion Star-lion fix build #2 9bf7ee3
darvid commented Jun 26, 2012

on blade's edge arena, charging to someone on the pillar from the bridge results in the warrior running all the way from the bridge to the ground, and stopping underneath the pillar. I assume it's related to mmaps and not pathfinding? does anyone else experience this?

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