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Braitenberg Vehicles Genetic Algorithms Simulation of Neural Development (BraGenBrain)

Simulation suite for examining neural development in embodied cognition settings. The algorithm is based on Genetic Algorithms and hence runs epochs comprised of many agents to find the optimal solution.

This project was started as GSoC '19 project:


In-code documentation of the most important functions is collected in one place in $rootdir/doc/code. Jupyter Notebook describing the most important features and ways to run the simulation is located at $rootdir/Documentation.ipynb.


The application is a runnable jar. It is located in the root folder of the project under the name of BraGenBrain-{VERSION}-XXX.jar. Run it in a usual Java jar fashion:

More information

Scientific background of the project, as well as information about its start and planning, are available at GSoC website as well as in Gist: . Furthermore, see files located in doc\adr to see more about the technical decisions, that have been undertaken alongside the development of simulation software.

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