A lightweight clean slate for professional front-end applications. Uses LESS to deliver CSS3 to our HTML5 boilerplate without loading you down with preset application styles and fluff you don't need.
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#Eeze v0.1


Eeze is a clean slate for professional developers creating custom applications. eeze.min.css comes out of the box at under 6K (before G-Zipping & you can gain ~2k by swapping to the HTML5 Reset) and sets up a great LESS workflow.

##Why Unlike Twitter Bootstrap, Eeze comes as a minimal starting point for your app. I’ve only included the most common building blocks and base file structure that you might need to create a custom application. There are no base preset styles to work around, delete, or overwrite. Just clone the app and start writing your code in seconds.


  • images/

  • stylesheets/

    • less/

      • app-modules/

        • application.less - empty to start
        • buttons.less - empty to start
        • media-queries.less - sets up your media queries, pulls all the "responsive-" less files.
        • responsive-full.less, responsive-mobile.less, responsive-tablet.less - width-specific stylesheets
        • typography - empty to start,
        • variables - empty to start,
      • eeze-modules/

        • 1140-grid.less, 960-grid.less - choose your popular grid or import your own. Defaults to http://cssgrid.net's 1140-grid (update stylesheets/less/eeze.less to change to your preference.)
        • copyright.less - just a simple copyright stamper.
        • css3.less - the basic css3 less mixins, when used they automatically add the browser specific styles to your CSS
        • html5_doctor.less, normalize.less - use the html5 reset or normalize? Defaults to normalize.css
        • reusables - 20 base styles that seem indespensible
      • app.less - compiles the application less styles

      • eeze.less - compiles your custom eeze.css file

    • app.css - out of the box compiles CSS (doesn't look like much, it shouldn't until you write this part.)

    • eeze.min.css - the standard eeze file has normalize, 1140 grid, and some base files

  • base.html - base elements of a modern front end HTML5 template

Documentation is coming soon to http://eeze.us

###Project Info:

Eeze front-end application starter kit
by Wil Everts (@cousinwil)
Version 0.1 - 4/5/2012

Copyright 2012, Wil Everts
Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.