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Make a helper method for getting a file's localStorage object #85

OscarGodson opened this Issue May 1, 2012 · 3 comments

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Tired of writing:


Would rather write:

// Returns `JSON.parse(localStorage[self.settings.localStorageName])`

//Returns `JSON.parse(localStorage[self.settings.localStorageName]).file[NAME]`

This should also be a public API method so devs can get files out without affecting the GUI.

@OscarGodson OscarGodson was assigned Jun 18, 2012

@johnmdonahue This is done and working, just have to write tests, but the naming part is the hardest. I went with fileList([name]). How do you feel about that? I wanted to do file or files but that felt like you should be able to do more with it like import and export. I was thinking about the Node and thought of fs, but too vague. Any other ideas?


Think it should maybe be getFiles() to match getElements() and the fact we have a sort of actionNoun thing going too with importFile, exportFile, getElements, etc.


Late to the party but +1 on getFiles()

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