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writings.html | JavaScriptologist

This is my site. It's not really a blog since I don't post regularly enough so it's just a list of articles I've written, been interviewed in, or guest blogged.

If you have anything you ever want me to write about send it as a bug request.

Pull Requests

Feel free to send pull requests if you find typos, misspellings or even if you have better code examples or more to add.

Tech Notes

The site is a written in just HTML (although when I get time I want to port it all to Markdown) with the help of Jekyll which I highly recommend to anyone using GitHub Pages for anything more than a one page gh-page.

My To Do List

  • Add pushState and hash-bang URL support so a whole new page load isn't required

  • Convert my JS to use modules and not random bits of JS

  • Add images, or better images, to my posts

  • Write some more fucking articles

  • Have my GitHub repos pull in dynamically

  • Convert to node! (once AppFog allows custom domains)