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<p>Those tags should have been implemented such as <code>&lt;img&gt;</code> tags were like <code>&lt;video width="500" src="myvideo.mp4"&gt;</code>, but as I said, browser vendors couldn't agree. The issue Scott is trying to fix is completely different, yet tries to solve it the same way as these other tags tried to solve a different problem.</p>
-<h2>A better solution</h2>
+<h2>A Better Solution</h2>
<p>First step in finding a solution to this is finding the real problem. The problem really isn't the screen resolution when you get down to it. If it was purely screen resolution we could simply load the highest resolution image we had and use CSS to set the width. We don't do this because of connection speed, not because of screen resolution. If you're on a phone and on 3G or a computer with DSL, or god forbid dial up, who gives a shit what your resolution is, <em>I just want to see the fuckin' content</em>. Don't make me wait for your stupid high-res picture just because my tablet has a 1280 screen but is downloading at &lt;1MB down.</p>

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