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Extreme Blocks
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Extreme Blocks – June 2010 – September 2010


You can see a gameplay video in this link


Extreme Blocks is a Tetris clone developed in my free time, with some features like realistic backgrounds, that belongs to cities like Roma, Milan, Torino, Venezia, and two different game modes.

The first mode goal is to beat all levels and reach to the biggest score possible, as the player defeat each level, the speed and the initial blocks are changing. And the second mode of gameplay it’s the practice mode, where you select how you wanna play, You select if the board have already blocks or not (if you select with blocks, they appear randomly), and you choose the speed with you want to play.


*Design the architecture of the game engine with different components such as rendering, collision system, audio, input using Allegro, OpenGL and C++.

  • Implementation of basic user input for rotations, speed up fall.
  • Implementation of the UI system using as base Allegro GUI, with extra modifications for the in-game situations as pause and return.
  • Implementation of procedures for random generation levels based on speed and probabilistic measures

You can see the a gallery of this project in here

You can download the setup file from the following link

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