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Samurai Reborn
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Samurai Reborn – June 2011 – January 2012


Logo Samurai Reborn

You can see a gameplay video in this link


It’s a 2D side-scroller platformer video game developed by a team of five developers as an independent project in C++, OpenGL, SDL, FMOD, XInput. Has two main game modes: history mode, where the players visits a set of worlds to collect a set of objects lost (can be played in 2 co-op) with different obstacles and challenges based on the level, the other game mode is arena where each player selects a character and they fight until the other one lost all of his life.

Each character has different abilities and properties such as different jump, speed or attack range. It can be played with keyboard and Xbox360 controllers.


  • Design the architecture of the game engine with different components such as rendering, collision system, audio, input.
  • Implementation of the render component using OpenGL and SDL for parallax scrolling, multiple layers for collisions, collectables, NPC.
  • Implementation of the collision system for the players, objects and NPC, with multiple layers, and managing states of them.
  • Implementation of the core mechanics such as movement, jump, double jump, attack.
  • Design and implementation of the UI component from scratch using C++ and OpenGL directly.
  • Implementation of the input component for multiple players and controllers using XInput.

You can see the a gallery of this project in here

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