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This is convolutional neural networks generating ASCII art. This repositry is under the construction.

image sample


  • TensorFlow (1.3.0)
  • Keras (2.0.8)
  • NumPy (1.13.3)
  • Pillow (4.2.1)
  • Pandas (0.18.0)
  • Scikit-learn (0.19.0)
  • h5py (2.7.1)
  • model's weight (download it from here and place it in dir model.)

How to use

please change the line 15 of

image_path = 'sample images/original images/21 original.png' # put the path of the image that you convert.

into the path of image file that you use. You should use a grayscale line image.

then run converted images will be output at output/.


The pre-trained models and the other files we have provided are licensed under the MIT License.