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0.10 => 0.11
  * #update_attribute now ignores attr_accessible and attr_protected

0.9 => 0.10
  * Using String IDs are no longer supported. If you are declaring your own ID, ensure it is an ObjectId, and set the default
      key :_id, ObjectId, :default => lambda { }
  * The :dependent association option now applies to both when the parent is destroyed and when the association is reassigned (one and many associations)
  * The default :dependent option is now :nullify for both when the parent is destroyed and when the association is reassigned

0.8.6 => 0.9
  * [attribute]_before_typecast should become [attribute]_before_type_cast (note the extra _)
  * Change validates_exclusion_of :within option to :in
  * Change validates_inclusion_of :within option to :in
  * descendants now returns all descendants use direct_descendants for just children
  * Switch validate_on_create and validate_on_update use validate :on => :create syntax
  * Added #update_attribute
  * belongs_to and one associations now return a true nil instead of a proxy to nil, so you must now call .build_thing instead of
  * Plugins should now extend ActiveSupport::Concern

0.7.6 => 0.8
  * Proxy#owner has been removed in favor of Proxy#proxy_owner
  * @new instance variable renamed to @_new (you shouldn't be using this anyway)
  * Removed undefining of object_id in proxies and equal? method in Equality. This means checking equal? for a proxy and a regular document will always be false even if proxy refers to same document. Check Proxy#target instead. (ie: root.equal?(
  * find no longer takes options as a last argument. It only works with id, multiple ids, array of ids.
  * MongoMapper::MongoMapperError is now MongoMapper::Error
  * metaclass, meta_eval, meta_def, class_def removed as they were not being used
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