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Build 3D geological model from wells information

What is Albion ?

This QGIS plugin provides tools to create 3D geological models in QGIS, from borehole information.

Albion : cross-section edition

Features :

  • Edition of Cross-sections (see video above)
  • 3D Volume reconstruction from cross-sections
  • 3D Volume edition
  • 2D Visualization
    • All geological 2D layers
    • Additional GIS data ( orthophotos/satellite, maps, geological maps..)
    • Boreholes
    • Cross sections
  • 3D visualization
    • Boreholes
    • Volume


It uses an innovative method of modeling stratigraphic layers in the form of a graph to facilitate volumetric reconstruction, and requires few user intervention. It allows geologists to perform underground modeling in 6 times less time than with previously used tools. A video shows how it may be used.

And this video by Vincent Mora explains the founding concepts of Albion.

Here is a quick install doc.

Some screenshots of the main interface, including 3D rendering :