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# coding=utf-8
from qgis.core import QgsDataSourceURI
from PyQt4 import uic
from PyQt4.QtGui import QGraphicsScene, QImage, QPixmap, QMainWindow, QBrush, QColor, QWheelEvent, QPen
from PyQt4.QtCore import Qt, QObject
from shapely import wkb
import os
from builtins import bytes
class BoreHoleScene(QGraphicsScene):
def __init__(self, project, parent=None):
super(BoreHoleScene, self).__init__(parent)
self.__project = project
self.__id = None
self.m_per_pixel = -.2
self.__redraw = True
def texture(self, code):
fil = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'symbologie', code+'.svg')
if os.path.exists(fil):
return QImage(fil)
return QImage()
def formation_color(self, code):
color = {
300: QColor(150, 50, 50),
310: QColor(100, 50, 50),
320: QColor(150, 50, 50),
340: QColor(200, 50, 50),
400: QColor(150, 100, 50)
col = color[code] if code in color else QColor(150, 150, 150)
return col
def set_m_per_pixel(self, m_per_pixel):
self.m_per_pixel = m_per_pixel
self.__redraw = True
def set_current_id(self, id_):
self.__id = id_
self.__redraw = True
def drawForeground(self, painter, rect):
#print "BoreHoleScene.drawForeground"
if self.__redraw:
with self.__project.connect() as con:
cur = con.cursor()
self.__redraw = False
fm = painter.fontMetrics();
if self.__id is None:
QGraphicsScene.drawForeground(self, painter, rect)
cur.execute("SELECT geom FROM albion.hole WHERE id='{}'".format(self.__id))
res = cur.fetchone()
if not res:
QGraphicsScene.drawForeground(self, painter, rect)
hole = wkb.loads(bytes.fromhex(res[0]))
line = [p[2] for p in hole.coords]
tick_width = 20
spacing = 5
tick_text_offset = -10
tabs = [50, 75, 150, 250, 350, 400, 500]
zmin, zmax = min(line), max(line)
zpmin, zpmax = 0, ((zmin-zmax)-5)/self.m_per_pixel
text = self.addText(self.__id)
text.setPos(tabs[1], -5*fm.height())
label = 'Depth [m]'
text = self.addText(label)
text.setPos(0, 0)
text = self.addText('Formation')
text.setPos(tabs[1], -3*fm.height())
text = self.addText('Radiometry')
text.setPos(tabs[2], -3*fm.height())
text = self.addText('Resistivity')
text.setPos(tabs[3], -3*fm.height())
text = self.addText('Mineralization')
text.setPos(tabs[4], -3*fm.height())
top = zpmin-3*fm.height()
pen = QPen()
for tab in [tabs[1], tabs[2], tabs[3], tabs[4], tabs[6]]:
self.addLine(tab, top, tab, zpmax, pen)
self.addLine(tabs[1], zpmin, tabs[-1], zpmin, pen)
self.addLine(tabs[1], zpmax, tabs[-1], zpmax, pen)
self.addLine(tabs[1], top, tabs[-1], top, pen)
# depth ticks
for z in range(0, int(-(zmax-zmin)-5), -10):
text = "% 4.0f"%(max(line)+z)
z /= self.m_per_pixel
width = fm.width(text);
text = self.addText(text)
text.setPos(tabs[0]-width-spacing, tick_text_offset+int(z))
self.addLine(tabs[0], z, tabs[1], z)
self.addLine(tabs[2], z, tabs[4], z)
#res = cur.execute("SELECT AsText(GEOMETRY), code FROM lithologies WHERE forage={}".format(self.__id)).fetchall()
## litho image
#for geom, code in res:
# line = [(float(pt.split()[2])-z_tube+h_tube_sol)
# for pt in geom.replace('LINESTRING Z(','').replace(')','').split(',')]
# z_start = line[0]/self.m_per_pixel
# z_end = line[-1]/self.m_per_pixel
# brush = QBrush()
# brush.setTextureImage(self.texture(code))
# self.addRect(tabs[1], z_start, tabs[2]-tabs[1], z_end-z_start, brush=brush)
## bar diagram grid
#for i in range(1, 10):
# pen.setWidth(1 if i != 5 else 2)
# x = tabs[3]+(tabs[4]-tabs[3])*float(i)/10
# self.addLine(x, zmin, x, zmax, pen)
# formation color
cur.execute("SELECT geom, code FROM albion.formation WHERE hole_id='{}'".format(self.__id))
for geom, code in cur.fetchall():
line = [p[2] for p in wkb.loads(bytes.fromhex(geom)).coords]
z_start = (line[0]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
z_end = (line[-1]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
brush = QBrush()
self.addRect(tabs[1], z_start, tabs[2]-tabs[1], z_end-z_start, brush=brush)
#width = fm.width(code);
#text = self.addText(code)
#text.setPos(tabs[2]+spacing, tick_text_offset+int(.5*(z_start+z_end)))
self.addLine(tabs[2], z_start, tabs[2], z_start)
self.addLine(tabs[2], z_end, tabs[2], z_end)
# radiometry diagram
cur.execute("SELECT max(gamma) FROM albion.radiometry WHERE hole_id='{}'".format(self.__id))
gamma_max = cur.fetchone()[0]
cur.execute("SELECT geom, gamma FROM albion.radiometry WHERE hole_id='{}' AND gamma>=0".format(self.__id))
for geom, gamma in cur.fetchall():
line = [p[2] for p in wkb.loads(bytes.fromhex(geom)).coords]
z_start = (line[0]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
z_end = (line[-1]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
brush = QBrush()
brush.setColor(QColor(55, 51, 149))
self.addRect(tabs[2], z_start, (tabs[3]-tabs[2])*gamma/gamma_max, z_end-z_start, pen=QPen(Qt.NoPen), brush=brush)
# resistivity diagram
cur.execute("SELECT max(rho) FROM albion.resistivity WHERE hole_id='{}'".format(self.__id))
rho_max = cur.fetchone()[0]
cur.execute("SELECT geom, rho FROM albion.resistivity WHERE hole_id='{}' AND rho>=0".format(self.__id))
for geom, rho in cur.fetchall():
line = [p[2] for p in wkb.loads(bytes.fromhex(geom)).coords]
z_start = (line[0]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
z_end = (line[-1]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
brush = QBrush()
brush.setColor(QColor(155, 51, 49))
self.addRect(tabs[3], z_start, (tabs[4]-tabs[3])*rho/rho_max, z_end-z_start, pen=QPen(Qt.NoPen), brush=brush)
# mineralization
cur.execute("SELECT geom, oc, accu, grade FROM albion.mineralization WHERE hole_id='{}'".format(self.__id))
for geom, oc, accu, grade in cur.fetchall():
line = [p[2] for p in wkb.loads(bytes.fromhex(geom)).coords]
z_start = (line[0]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
z_end = (line[-1]-zmax)/self.m_per_pixel
brush = QBrush()
brush.setColor(QColor(250, 250, 50))
self.addRect(tabs[4], z_start, tabs[5]-tabs[4], z_end-z_start, brush=brush)
txt = "oc="+str(oc)+"\naccu="+str(accu)+"\ngrade="+str(grade)
width = fm.width(txt);
text = self.addText(txt)
text.setPos(tabs[5]+spacing, -int(1.5*fm.height())+int(.5*(z_start+z_end)))
self.addLine(tabs[4], z_start, tabs[6], z_start)
self.addLine(tabs[4], z_end, tabs[6], z_end)
QGraphicsScene.drawForeground(self, painter, rect)
class ScrollFilter(QObject):
def __init__(self, parent):
super(BoreHoleScene.ScrollFilter, self).__init__(parent)
def eventFilter(self, obj, event):
if isinstance(event, QWheelEvent):
if < 0:
return False
def scroll_filter(self):
self.__scroll_filter = BoreHoleScene.ScrollFilter(self)
return self.__scroll_filter
class BoreHoleWindow(QMainWindow):
def __init__(self, conn_info, parent=None):
super(BoreHoleWindow, self).__init__(parent)
uic.loadUi(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'log_strati.ui'), self)
self.scene = BoreHoleScene(conn_info, self)
# id_, = cur.execute("SELECT OGC_FID FROM forages WHERE nom='{}'".format(name)).fetchone()
if __name__=='__main__':
import sys
from PyQt4.QtCore import QSettings
from PyQt4.QtGui import QApplication
app = QApplication(sys.argv)
view = BoreHoleWindow(sys.argv[1])