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Fast Mapbox Vector Tile Server
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Docker image

Fast Mapbox Vector Tile Server


  • serve Mapbox Vector Tiles from a PostGIS backend
  • can read TM2 file data sources with postgis
  • can serve PostGIS layers individually
  • handle on-the-fly reprojection to web mercator projection (only for single layers, not tm2 sources)
  • Connection pooling and asynchronous requests thanks to asyncpg
  • tested with openmaptiles vector tile schema


  • features stored with PostGIS >= 2.4.0


Python 3.6 is required to run Postile

pip install cython
pip install -e .
postile --help

Using a Docker container

Start Postile with:

docker run --network host oslandia/postile postile --help

Example of serving postgis layers individually

postile --pguser **** --pgpassword **** --pgdatabase mydb --pghost localhost --listen-port 8080 --cors

Then layer boundaries can be served with:


fields is optional, and when absent only geometries are encoded in the vector tile.

For a concrete example using OpenMapTiles schema see this tutorial

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