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QGIS Well log widget

This project allows to visualize logs of drilling wells or boreholes.

Warning This is still experimental.

It is based on QT and the QGIS rendering engine to plot series of measurements. This allows to:

  • use the rich symbology engine of QGIS to display underground data
  • have decent display performances, since QGIS is optimized to quickly render geometries possibly made by lots of points

Currently three types of data are handled:

  • stratigraphy data, where a polygon is defined by a depth range and a pattern fill is given by a rock code
  • continuous series of data that represent data sampled continuously underground (a sample every centimer for instance). This could also be reused to plot time series.
  • scatter plots of data

Example in a QGIS application

See the corresponding video

How to use it

First you can add qgs_well_log as a dependency of your project with a git submodule. Type this inside your main python module

git submodule add https://github.com/Oslandia/qgis_well_log.git

Then you have to add this module in Python path by editing your main init.py file

import os
import sys

# append sub modules

Finally you have to choose your interface LayerData or FeatureData, create a WellLogView object and add it to your application. See main entry point for examples.