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Tailwind CSS
開放街圖台灣社群網站 OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community website

powered by GastbyJS powered by tailwindcss last commit yaru MIT-0

🗿 What is this stuff? 這是蝦米碗糕?

This is the repo of the new-new website design for OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community (OSMTW).

Still patching everywhere with massive 'copy & paste' GastbyJS and tailwindcss. Tada! 🎉

開放街圖台灣社群網站第三版因工友貪新忘旧改以 GastbyJS 搭配 tailwindcss 「拼貼」而成,希望各位看官勿鞭。 🙇

📝 Major Changelog 重大更新

  • 2021-05-03 v3 Migrated to GastbyJS
  • 2019-03-16 v2 Jekyll Compatiable
  • 2019-03-12 @chichun forked as osmtw official webpage
  • 2017-10-22 v1 last upadate

🔌 Built with 成分

🚨 In case of Emergency 遇緊急情況時


If the website is doomed, Run like hell! And contact any active coummnity members for further assitance.

勿慌勿急勿害怕 此乃正常能量釋放 請立即遠離現場 聯繫社群成員取得協助 🙋

OpenStreetMap Taiwan Chichun Supaplextw mcdlee littlebtc louisliutw assanges
OpenStreetMap Taiwan Rex Tsai Dennis Chen Sin-Di Lee Hsiao-Ting Yu Louis Liu Sean Young