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@xivk xivk released this May 15, 2014 · 643 commits to master since this release


  • Improved MapCSS performance: Only check objects with at least one relevant tag.
  • Improved MapCSS performance: Keep rules for similar objects around.
  • Added a cross-plaform SQLite connection.
  • Added an MBTiles layer.
  • Added platform initialization code to inject platform specific code.
  • Added radian normalization.
  • Added OffsetWithDirection to GeoCoordinate.
  • Improved Layer implementation to allow for external development of custom layers.
  • Improved rendering performance and memory usage by injecting native images.
  • Improved memory usage on Android by recovering not destroying native images.
  • Improved maintenance of changes. Fixes #115.
  • Do not destroy and recreate Path-objects on every rendering cycle on Android.
  • Removed OsmSharp.Data.* assemblies from default Nuget packages and moved them to seperate packages.


  • Fixed ZoomToMarkers that keeps getting called on each refresh.
  • Fixed bug in Equals() in Tile. Thanks @langsweirdt
  • Fixed access to map layers and MapChanged even handling on Android. Fixes #105, #65 and #87.
  • Fixed PostgreSQL provider string encoding. Fixed #113.
  • Implemented IPreProcessor on CHPreProcessor. Fixed #112.
  • Checked sorting of zoom levels. Fixed #81.
  • Fixed memory leak. Fixed #90.
  • Fixed blocking issue on CHRouter.
  • Fixed dependeny definition in Nuget packages.
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