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{%= name %}

{%= description %}

Developer Setup

{%= name %} uses Bower to download its dependencies.

  1. Clone the repo: git clone {%= repository %}; cd barber-shop
  2. Install dependencies using Bower: bower install.

(Optional) Set up Grunt

If you also have Grunt installed there's a convenient server for viewing the pages in a web browser.

  1. Install Grunt and the plugins locally: npm install
  2. Run the development server with grunt runserver. It should be available at http://localhost:8000.


The grunt build command will create a dist folder at the root of the repository containing the built application ready for being served statically.

The grunt gh-pages command will deploy the contents of the dist folder to the gh-pages branch of the origin remote on your repository.

The grunt deploy command will run the build command and then deploy the built files with the gh-pages command.


Copyright (c) {%= grunt.template.today('yyyy') %} {%= author_name %} Licensed under the {%= licenses.join(', ') %} license{%= licenses.length === 1 ? '' : 's' %}.