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  • Merge switcher and server into the same project?

  • Cache management

    • Flush cache
    • Explore cache?
      • Possible in memcache?
  • Switch to (var)char as primary key in rules and snippets

    • As opposed to autoincrement int
    • PK will be human- or script-maintained
    • Makes content more explicitly portable between dev / stage / prod
  • Enhance Smuggler to export a selected subset as action in admin changelist

    • Currently can export at app or model level, need more granularity
  • LDAP auth for internal Mozilla use

  • Enforce well-formed XML in snippet validation

  • Validate regexes in client match rule management in admin

  • Regex tester

    • Throw an URL at it, show whether or not matched
    • In JS? Inline in admin?
  • Snippet types

    • Templated rendering of common snippet content patterns
      • Global styles
      • Basic snippet capsule
      • JS-randomized snippet content
      • JS-managed timed content