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Getting started


You need Python 2.6.

To check out playdoh, run:

git clone --recursive git://

This project is set up to use a vendor library, i.e. a subdirectory vendor that contains all pure Python libraries required by this project. The recursive checkout will also clone these requirements.

In addition, there are compiled libraries (such as Jinja2) that you will need to build yourself, either by installing them from pypi or by using your favorite package manager for your OS.

For development, you can run this in a virtualenv environment:

easy_install pip
pip install -r requirements/compiled.txt

For more information on vendor libraries, read :ref:`packages`.

Starting a project based on playdoh

The default branch of playdoh is base. To start a new project, you fork playdoh and start working on your app in master (branched from base). If you start adding pieces that should go back into playdoh, you can apply the patch to base and move it upstream.

Eventually you'll probably diverge enough that you'll want to delete the base branch.

Publishing your repo

git remote rename origin playdoh
git remote add origin
git push -u origin base