A Gameboy emulator in Python.
Latest commit cbe8509 Dec 20, 2012 @ubergeek42 ubergeek42 Lots of changes
Add main.py runner program to attempt running a game

Add doInstruction in cpu, so it can dispatch instructions
Add reset function in cpu to set the initial state
Add indirect register access for (HL) to save effort

Add various ld operations, covering 40+8+4 instructions

Raise errors for memory that isn't implemented yet

Broke the tests that involve set #, (HL).  Seems related to using yield
and maybe some weird side effects dealing with memory?
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snoboy Lots of changes Dec 20, 2012
.gitignore Add testcase for cart.py Dec 12, 2012
LICENSE Initial commit. Dec 8, 2012
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main.py Lots of changes Dec 20, 2012
requirements.txt Add nose and refactor set test. Dec 8, 2012


SNOBoy - Gameboy Emulator in Python

SNOBoy is a Gameboy emulator written in python.