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What is Dreamcatcher Chat?

Dreamcatcher Chat is an application developed for the Dreamcatcher 3
board enabling users to exchange text messages over a wide range
of radio frequencies.

The application achieves this by controlling both the mixer and radio
peripherals present on the device.
The software uses the libsoc library to control the GPIO from
userspace. The driver controlling the radio is ported from the SX1280
example provided by Semtech for the mbed platform. The driver
which controls the mixer is ported from the HackRF library.

This software was developed to explore the possibilities offered by
the Dreamcatcher hardware as well as providing a quick way to
experiment with the device.

How is Dreamcatcher Chat licenced?

Dreamcatcher Chat is licenced under the GPLv2, please see the COPYING file for
futher details.

The libraries used (SX1280 code from semtech and RFFC driver from HackRF) and 
any local modifications to those continue to be licensed under their respective original licenses.

How do I build Dreamcatcher Chat?

(requires debian stretch or later, kernel 4.14 or later,
 will not work on kernel 4.10, or debian jessie or older)

1) Install libsoc and libsoc-dev: sudo apt install libsoc2 libsoc-dev

   sudo apt update
   sudo apt install libsoc-dev libsoc2

2) get the code

git clone
cd Dreamcatcher-Packet-Tester

3) make

or to build a static binary:

make static

4) run "chat" with superuser privileges

   sudo ./chat

How do I run chat without building it everytime?

You have two alternatives:

1) compile a regular exeuctable as above (using make) and then copy the compiled
binary to another Dreamcatcher+Armbian system, install the required library:

sudo apt update; sudo apt install libsoc2

and then run the chat binary:

sudo ./chat


2) you can build a _static_ binary (using make static), then just copy this static binary
to another Dreamcatcher+Armbian system. No library installation is required. So just run
the chat binary:

sudo ./chat


- pthreads
- libsoc

Fausto Annicchiarico Petruzzelli < petruzzelli_dot_fausto_at_gmail_dot_com>
Luigi Zevola < luigi_dot_zevola_at_gmail_dot_com>
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