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A curated list of amazingly awesome Arabic supporting tools, fonts, and development resources.
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Awesome Arabic Awesome العربية

A curated list of amazingly awesome Arabic supporting tools, fonts, and development resources.

Programming Languages

Programming Language specific resources that support Arabic


  • libitl2 - A library for Islamic calendar and prayer times.
  • [Qt]: ArabicNumberToWord, Convert numbers and amounts from numeric to Arabic words.

Go (Golang)

  • goarabic - a Go Lang package for dealing with Arabic text.



  • Typeahead.js
  • Fix Arabic Numbers - Simple Moment.js style library that changes Arabic numbers (١٢٣...) into (123...)
  • arabicString - A Javascript library that extends the native String object with methods to help when dealing with Arabic strings for node and the browser.
  • Arli - JavaScript tools for an Arabic development.
  • bidiweb - Determine the base direction of paragraphs and adjust them accordingly.
  • Hijri.js - A tool for Hijri calender (based on Umm al-Qura calculations) in Javascript.
  • jsastem - JavaScript Arabic Stemmer.
  • moment-hijri - A Hijri calendar (based on Umm al-Qura calculations) plugin for moment.js.
  • aln9 - A lightweight markup language designed for Arabic text.
  • circular-arabic - Write Arabic words in a circle or arc using the Canvas element
  • Oktob.js - Force typing in Arabic letters (ex: replaces "a" with "ض" for AZERTY keyboard scheme)


  • Ar-PHP - A set of PHP classes developed to enhance Arabic web applications by providing set of tools includes stem-based searching, translitiration, soundex, Hijri calendar, charset detection and converter, spell numbers, keyboard language, Muslim prayer time, auto-summarization, and more...
  • The PHP League Website in Arabic.
  • arabicdatetime - Easy and useful tool to get arabic date with arabic characters for laravel 5.1.


  • ar2en - Renames Arabic files and directories into English recursively.
  • Arabish - Arabic transliteration in Python. Similar to, Google Ta3reeb, and Microsoft Maren.
  • date-extractor - Extracts dates from text in Arabic and other languages
  • hijra - Hijri Islamic Calendar utils in python.
  • PyArabic - Arabic text tools for Python.
  • pyarabicshaping - Port of GNU FriBidi's Arabic shaping to Python.
  • pyIslam - Python library to calculate prayer times, hijri date, qiblah direction and more.
  • python-arabic-reshaper - Reconstruct Arabic sentences to be used in applications that don't support Arabic.
  • Django with Arabic Settings


  • Manshar - Arabic social publishing platform.

Natural Language Processing

Tools that either are made for Arabic or support Arabic


CSS resources that support RTL languages


Modern arabic web fonts

  • Frutiger Arabic
  • Amiri Font - a classical Arabic typeface in Naskh style for typesetting books and other running text.
  • Flat font - arabic font (Only Regular weight is available for free)..
  • Jozoor font - Jozoor arabic font (Only Regular weight is available for free).
  • sahl-naskh - A fork of Droid Arabic Naskh font fixing some of the issues in the original font.


Open Arabic Datasets


Learning materials written for Arabic audiences


A mix of awesome things

Contribute & Keep This Alive!


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