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A filesystem built on top of an object store like GCS suffers from the same limitations as the ones mentioned in S3FS.

GCS does not offer true directories which is why GCSFS (as well as S3FS) will simulate the existence of a directory called foo by adding an empty blob called foo/. Any filesystem content that was not created via GCSFS will lack these directory markers which may lead to wrong behaviour. For example gcsfs.isdir("bar") will return False if the marker blob bar/ does not exist, even though there might exist a blob called bar/baz.txt.

To overcome this you can call the utility method :func:`~fs_gcsfs.GCSFS.fix_storage()` on your GCSFS instance which will walk the entire filesystem (i.e. the entire bucket or the "subdirectory" you specified via root_path) and add all missing directory markers.


Listing and fixing large buckets may take some time!


For a full reference of all available methods of GCSFS visit the documentation of fs.base.FS!

.. autoclass:: fs_gcsfs.GCSFS

    .. automethod:: fs_gcsfs.GCSFS.fix_storage

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