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0.9.?? (2017-??-??):
- reworked toolbars:
-- added support for visibility toggle button (collapsing contents);
-- fixed unified toolbar and titlebar style under macOS X;
- improved sidebar(s):
-- added ability to add new sidebars;
-- allow to change their location by drag and drop;
- improved User Agents configuration;
- added support for managing multiple proxy configurations and setting them per page or host;
- improved styling under Windows, Unity and macOS X;
- added support for configurable Fast Forward;
- lots of various fixes.
0.9.12 (2017-01-01):
- greatly improved tab bar:
-- allow to detach tabs by dragging them away;
-- allow to drop URLs and tabs from other windows;
-- added option to show embedded tab thumbnails;
-- improved handling of visibility of close button;
-- tabs demanding attention are drawn using bold font;
-- improved RTL support;
-- decreased default tab padding;
-- tab text is no longer centered horizontally;
-- fixed status tip messages while rearranging tabs;
- improved KDE5 and Unity integration:
-- added support for progress information;
-- added support for desktop actions;
- several macOS X specific fixes and improvements:
-- improved rendering of platform style;
-- added dock icon menu;
-- added support for listing applications associated with given MIME type;
- added support for Windows jump list;
- added fullscreen support for QtWebKit backend;
- open file path is saved;
- improved RTL support in address and search fields;
- many other fixes and improvements.
0.9.11 (2016-10-01):
- added initial support for storing passwords:
-- support for multiple credential sets per host;
-- basic passwords management;
-- disabled by default (no encryption yet);
- added crash reporter;
- added support for muting tab media;
- F12 menu now exposes all modes for Images visibility (including new option to show cached images only) and Plugins;
- QtWebEngine backend is now capable of saving pages in MIME HTML format and as complete set of files;
- added new toolbar visibility settings for full screen mode;
- added new widget for showing content blocking details;
- added ability to customize progress bar;
- added ability to add loading progress information widgets to any toolbar;
- various improvements in handling of content blocking profiles:
-- added new definitions and updated existing;
-- added option to add custom blocking rules;
-- profiles are now grouped by type;
- various minor fixes and improvements.
0.9.10 (2016-05-01):
- added initial support for User Scripts;
- added Addons Manager;
- added alternative display mode and support for optional headers for URL completion in address field;
- many enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
-- added support for entering full screen mode;
-- added support for content blocking;
-- added support for several missing actions;
- several fixes and improvements in content blocking;
- improved CMake build system (also now it is the only officially supported);
- added new backend for storing browsing history;
- many other fixes and improvements.
0.9.09 (2016-01-01):
- added initial support for spell checking;
- added support for selecting allowed and rejected domains for third-party cookies;
- added support for customizing visible columns and their order in most of views;
- added support for customizing text and icon of toolbar entries;
- added support for adding arbitrary menus to toolbars;
- some other fixes and minor improvements.
0.9.08 (2015-12-01):
- enhanced URL completion in address field:
-- suggest bookmarks by URL and keyword;
-- suggest URLs from history;
-- suggest searching for given string using default search engine;
-- allow to use popup with list of suggestions;
- added new extremely flexible mouse gestures system;
- added icons for badge in address field;
- added FTP listing support to QtWebKit backend;
- added SSL certificate viewer;
- added Website Information dialog;
- added configuration module for downloads handlers;
- added configuration module for mouse gestures;
- added command line option to print out diagnostic report (--report);
- added support for configuring policy for popup windows;
- updated style of error pages and directory listings;
- many other fixes and improvements.
0.9.07 (2015-09-01):
- added support for customizing context menu;
- added Opera notes import;
- added initial support for auto updates;
- added dialog allowing to decide what to do with downloaded file;
- MDI actions are now enabled by default;
- multiple fixes and improvements for macOS X;
- allow to specify default arguments using arguments.txt;
- various minor fixes and improvements.
0.9.06 (2015-06-01):
- multiple enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
-- added support for restoring tab history;
-- added support for storing cookies;
-- added support for fetching favicons;
-- added option to overwrite User Agent;
-- added support for cache;
-- added support for private mode;
-- added support for downloading files;
- added start page (speed dial);
- added MDI mode (disabled by default);
- added source viewer;
- added dropdown with list of recently typed URLs;
- added option to disable single key shortcuts;
- added support for notifications;
- lots of other fixes and improvements.
0.9.05 (2015-04-01):
- experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink), disabled by default;
- added advanced options for cookies;
- added interface for configuring toolbars;
- added support for bookmark bars;
- added Ctrl+Tab tab switcher;
- added support for taking notes;
- added interface to deny or grant permission to use geolocation etc. (set of available permissions depends on what is supported by backend);
- restore tab position when restoring closed tab;
- tabs are now drawn horizontally in vertical toolbars;
- many other fixes and improvements.
0.9.04 (2015-01-01):
- added support for mouse gestures;
- added initial support for customizing toolbars;
- allow to load plugins on demand;
- more actions (over 150 in total);
- added Go to Page dialog (F2);
- allow to customize menu button (JSON file);
- lots of other fixes and improvements.
0.9.03 (2014-11-01):
- initial version of sidebar;
- added possibility to set Otter Browser as default under Windows;
- added initial versions of Website Preferences and Quick Preferences (F12);
- added Trash to Bookmarks Manager;
- added Ctrl+Tab tabs switching;
- added option to set user style sheet;
- added tray icon;
- allow to customize menu bar (JSON file);
- various minor fixes and improvements.
0.9.02 (2014-08-01):
- added initial support for content blocking (Adblock Plus compatible);
- added Opera and HTML (Netscape) bookmarks import;
- added rocker navigation;
- added more keyboard shortcuts;
- allow to stop page loading by pressing Esc;
- no need for manual tweaking to get working binary for Windows XP (requires Qt 5.3);
- translation related improvements;
- some other fixes and minor improvements.
0.9.01 (2014-06-01):
- added application icon by Walerian Walawski;
- added error console;
- added support for additional attributes for bookmarks;
- added support for bookmark keyword;
- allow to load translations (18 languages available);
- allow to configure SSL ciphers priorities;
- allow to compile using Qt stack available in Ubuntu (outdated QtWebKit);
- various minor fixes and improvements.
0.5.01 (2014-05-01):
- added startup / crash recovery dialog;
- implemented "Reload Image" action;
- improved handling of bookmarklets;
- some other fixes and minor improvements.
0.4.01 (2014-04-01):
- added basic full screen mode support;
- User Agents configuration;
- various tab bar related fixes;
- some other fixes and changes.
0.3.01 (2014-03-01):
- added option to set custom User Agent (for single tab or whole application);
- added support for proxy auto-config (PAC);
- added option to decide if JavaScript should be able to show status messages;
- implemented "Reuse Current Tab" option;
- various small fixes.
0.2.01 (2014-02-01):
- added support for profiles defining keyboard shortcuts and action macros;
- added support for proxy configuration;
- added quick go to or search of clipboard contents on middle click on address field;
- added option to delay loading of tab contents until selected;
- added option to disable referrer;
- modified appearance of search widget;
- minor improvements in cache viewer;
- some other fixes and minor improvements.
0.1.01 (2014-01-01):
- added dedicated context menu for media content (AUDIO and VIDEO tags);
- added global history with manager;
- added dialog to clear history (browsing, cookies, caches etc.);
- added cache viewer (about:cache);
- implemented tab detaching;
- overhauled about: pages;
- some optimizations and other changes.
0.0.02 (2013-12-22):
- added warning in case of SSL errors;
- added web search capabilities;
- added advanced configuration page (about:config);
- added preferences dialog (not all options are implemented yet);
- added CMake project file;
- added bookmarks manager;
- implemented dialogs that are model only for single tab instead of whole window (used by JavaScript pop-ups (alert confirm, prompt), authentication and image properties dialogs);
- implemented quick search menu for text selection;
- implemented more missing context menu actions;
- implemented adding search engines from scratch or web page FORM;
- implemented restoring of tab history from previous session;
- many other changes.
0.0.01 (2013-12-11):
- initial release;
- added basic MDI+TDI interface;
- added private browsing capabilities;
- added basic support for bookmarks (XBEL format);
- added basic support for saving, restoring and manually deleting cookies;
- added transfers manager;
- added basic sessions management;
- added detailed progress bar;
- implemented backends for layout engines (for now only QtWebKit)
- implemented restoring of closed tabs and windows;
- implemented find in page actions;
- specified custom context menus;
- fine-tuned tab bar to be more robust (smart resizing, cloning, pinning, rearranging, previews, changing location / orientation etc.);
- enabled printing;
- force single application instance per profile (but allow multiple windows);
- lots of other things.