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How to contribute

If you want to help with the development of Otter Browser, please observe the following rules.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

  • Make sure that you have a GitHub account.
  • Check if the issue has already been reported (including closed tickets).
  • Check list of known upstream issues.
  • If possible, try to reproduce the issue with current snapshot from relevant branch of the source code repository.
  • Create a ticket for your issue.
  • Describe the issue clearly and succinctly.
  • In case of bug reports:
    • describe the steps required to reproduce issue,
    • attach a backtrace if you have any,
    • post details about your setup:
      • application version (for example, 1.0.01 32 bit),
      • system version (for example, Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit),
      • Qt version (for example, Qt 5.6.0 MSVC 64 bit).

Submitting patches

  • Make sure that you have a GitHub account.
  • Ensure that nobody is currently working on the selected task (check if someone is assigned to the ticket or ask on #otter-browser at
  • Fork the repository on GitHub.
  • Create a branch just for that task.
  • Submit your changes as a pull request so they can be reviewed.
  • Patiently wait for the review.

Coding rules

  • Use the Allman coding style with tabs for indentation.
  • Follow a naming scheme that is consistent with the existing code.
  • Use const as often as possible (both for local variables and method signatures).
  • Wrap text correctly using QString, QStringLiteral or QLatin1String. Remember to use tr() for translateable texts.
  • Avoid long lines but also try not to break up if-statements etc. Any good editor should be able to wrap long lines.
  • Try to keep a proper order of methods in the source file (check existing code in case of doubt):
    • constructor(s),
    • destructor,
    • methods returning void (reimplementations of *Event methods and others should go first),
    • setters,
    • methods returning value (from pointers through data structures to primitive data types).