@Emdek Emdek released this Jan 1, 2017 · 26 commits to master since this release

  • greatly improved tab bar:
    • allow to detach tabs by dragging them away;
    • allow to drop URLs and tabs from other windows;
    • added option to show embedded tab thumbnails;
    • improved handling of visibility of close button;
    • tabs demanding attention are drawn using bold font;
    • improved RTL support;
    • decreased default tab padding;
    • tab text is no longer centered horizontally;
    • fixed status tip messages while rearranging tabs;
  • improved KDE5 and Unity integration:
    • added support for progress information;
    • added support for desktop actions;
  • several MacOS X specific fixes and improvements:
    • improved rendering of platform style;
    • added dock icon menu;
    • added support for listing applications associated with given MIME type;
  • added support for Windows jump list;
  • added fullscreen support for QtWebKit backend;
  • open file path is saved;
  • improved RTL support in address and search fields;
  • many other fixes and improvements.