Translations How To

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Welcome to contribute to translations of Otter browser :)

  1. Register your account at Transifex and find the project files of Otter browser for your language
  2. It's a good idea to download the translation files and load them into Qt Linguist (a necessary dependency for Otter on Linux), just to see if this would work better for you.
  3. If Qt Linguist is too techy for you and you don't have another preferred local translation tool, you can work on the file on Transifex website too, without downloading. Transifex has a simple interface, but the downside on Transifex is that you won't see the context of the phrases that you are working on.

Some tips:

  • Otter browser has a languages switch under Help menu. Switch to a different completed language to see how things have been translated.
  • The benefit of having the language file on your computer locally and translating in Qt Linguist is that you can load your translation into Otter, find the context of the phrases, and learn to know the program better in the process.
  • Otter specifically aims to re-create some of the features of Opera Presto. Many terms and phrases for translation can be borrowed from there or other browsers.
  • In the translations there should be used ellipsis "…", and not 3 dots "...".
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