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Apr 15, 2012
Matt Bell Updated package.json 47b159c
Apr 19, 2012
Jonathan Castello Twisol Merge pull request #50 from OttoAllmendinger/master
restore browser support
Apr 20, 2012
Jonathan Castello Twisol Update the testing index.html to use the split-up files, now that the…
…y're browser-compatible.
Apr 24, 2012
Matt Bell Updated assembler to new spec 698106c
Matt Bell Updated previous-spec opcodes to new spec 1408604
Matt Bell Added hardware support (not including HWI) 8732d11
Matt Bell Added software interrupts f3318ce
Matt Bell Added hardware interrupts ecddc77
Matt Bell Added new conditionals 6ab55a1
Matt Bell Added ASR 08b29ce
Matt Bell Added signed aritmetic 38ae370
Matt Bell Fixed signed arithmetic 550e334
Matt Bell Fixed problems with conditionals 9a08bbd
Apr 25, 2012
Matt Bell Fixed encoded literals 124a1ad
Matt Bell Fixed encoded literal test df808db
Matt Bell Reorganized opcode types to be easier to change f7951a6
Matt Bell Renamed 'stack' to 'sp' 742d356
Matt Bell Fixed bug with non-basic opcode packing 5bdc5cd
Matt Bell Moved fromt erm 'subroutine' to 'label' a26ba52
Matt Bell Fixed JSR c2658f6
Matt Bell Fixed device instructions 9b815ba
Matt Bell Fixed interrupts 87c2891
Matt Bell Added ADX and SUX 380e0f0
Matt Bell Added get/set listeners 409c635
Matt Bell onSet/onGet now return the listener object c077a7d
Matt Bell Moved helper functions eba3e1d
Matt Bell Made null words stop program f2e6b40
Matt Bell Fixed end event 47893e7
Matt Bell Fixed end event 12aafbd
Matt Bell Updated to 1.4/RC1 spec 9b58009
Matt Bell Fixed HWQ 05eb8c1
Matt Bell Fixed HWQ 1b1d362
Matt Bell Fixed chained conditionals 6c68bca
Matt Bell Fixed register values 19ec202
Matt Bell Fixed a/b arg order 3806cef
Matt Bell Fixed SP being modified even when skipping instructions 0a0ce01
Matt Bell Fixed register dissassembly 675561f
Matt Bell Fixed register dissassembly 0327684
Matt Bell Fixed register dissassembly ee0d108
Matt Bell Added support for 'label:' format, rather than only ':label' 3c0719c
Matt Bell Fixed remapping of get/set listeners 5c7448e
Matt Bell Fixed get/set listeners 9da01d8
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