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A bot based on Alain Gilbert's ttapi module for node.js.
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A simple bot.

Yeah, it needs a name.

Getting started

This bot runs on node.js, atop Alain Gilbert's ttapi library.

So far it only works on a stable (v0.4) build of node.js. If you want to get it working on node.js's HEAD branch, send patches! =)

Once you've got the code checked out to run a bot for yourself, create a config file in the conf directory. Any config settings in your config file will override the settings found in common.js. So you can easily run multiple bots from a single checkout; just make multiple config files and override what you want in each one.

The main things you'll need to override are auth and userid. If you specify a roomid, the bot will automatically join that room on startup. If not, you can use bot.ttapi.roomRegister interactively on the REPL.


One of my bot's distinguishing features is its interactive console, or REPL. When the bot is up and running, it will give you a prompt where you can inspect the bot's running state and/or interact with it and even modify it on the fly.


Thanks to Alain Gilbert for providing the ttapi library; I never would have gotten off the ground without his work.

This bot is essentially a rewrite of Isaiah Greene's (aka thelonius) #sickness bot; he shared the code with me and we collaborated on that a bit before I started writing this one from scratch. We still plan on working together on this, probably just once it reaches feature parity with #sickness.


I'm Vineet Kumar (aka vin on, @vineet,

If you're deploying a bot based on this code and/or working on a derivative, I'd love to hear about it! I'm also very open to collaborators working to improve and add to this code base also. Give me a shout, either here on github, twitter, email, or wherever. I'm all over the place.

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