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OuiShare Labs Camp #3

OuiShare Labs Camp is a participative conference dedicated to open web technologies. The third edition brings together app and platform creators to work on re-empowering users with their data.

##Getting Involved

OuiShare Labs Camp is a maker event. We are looking forward to participants who bring a working prototype or product with a use case, and/or are interested in offering or contributing to cross-project collaboration workshops and discussions.

The clusters should be describing use cases and proposing action in the following contexts:

  • Bringing more open source software solutions to people and companies
  • Turning community user experience into feedback to software developers
  • Boosting open apps and platforms, and proposing cross-project collaborations
  • Finding ways for a community and knowledge-connecting ecosystem like OuiShare to increase the visibility of and usage of FOSS

Labs Camp program team reserves the right to preview and pre-select workshop and project proposals.

##Getting started with the site

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve

Site credits

Event site is based on Jekyll site generator and Merlin template