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Ourbnb app

Find and book accommodation

Ourbnb allows you to browse, find and book various accommodation in three locations (London, New York and Sydney) based on selected dates. Each property displays a full description with a map and a form to make a booking. It has a responsive layout for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes giving a user-friendly experience.

Visit the live demo

View the repo on Github

Installation and set up

Clone the project and run npm install

Create your own local PostreSQL database instance and create the tables by running pgweb navigating to localhost:8081 and running the query in the database.sql file.

Create a .env file with the following variables


Run npm start to launch the app and navigate to localhost:8080

API Keys needed:

  • Twilio
  • Google Maps

Tech stack

  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Handlebars
  • SCSS
  • Classnames
  • Flex-box
  • Grid
  • Git

Build tools

  • Webpack
  • Babel

APIs and Node Packages

Functionality and features

  • The app starts with a quick search based on the user's destination and dates
  • The app fetches data for relevant properties from the database using SQL
  • The results are displayed as a list using React and SCSS
  • For each property selected, a summary of details, description, images and a map for each property are displayed using React and SCSS
  • A booking can then be make by filling out the form
  • You receive a booking confirmation by text with your booking ID
  • You can make further bookings as a guest by setting up a guest account from the main menu

Stages of development

  • Planned structure of the database tables and their relationships
  • Created database tables, sourced text and image data, entered data into tables
  • Set up and created basic core functionality in React
  • Used SCSS to style the UI
  • Developed and completed functionality for:
  • search page
  • results page
  • property details page
  • login page

Desired features with more time

  • Wider range of locations to search. Currently limited to London, New York and Sydney
  • Add form validation for email addresses and telephone numbers
  • A map view for search results
  • Allow guests to write reviews of properties
  • Allow hosts to write reviews of guests
  • Allow users to view guest and property reviews
  • Allow users to mark properties as favourites and use localStorage to save the favourites
  • Login for hosts to allow them to
  • view bookings for their property
  • add new properties to their account
  • communicate with guests
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