Daniel Sifton edited this page Nov 29, 2017 · 23 revisions

Our intent here is to document our usage of supplejack and provide docs around our experiences setting up and running Supplejack both locally and in the cloud for Our Digital World, the British Columbia Digital Library, and the Texas Digital Library

This additional documentation is not meant as a replacement, but as a supplement to the existing, and already awesome Supplejack documentation written by the good folks at DigitalNZ.

If you have additions or corrections to add, login with your github account and edit away! Thus far the Supplejack community in North America is a very tiny one, hopefully this wiki can help to change that.

We have been using Slack as our primary means of communication. If you are interested in joining our channel (https://supplejack-na.slack.com/) contact one of us: daniel.sifton@viu.ca, m.matt.barry@gmail.com, or njw@austin.utexas.edu.

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