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The ambitious, easy to use unit converter


easy-converter is a unit converter that will handle weight, length, area (..) conversions.

For now it supports:

  • Length (distance)
  • Mass (weight)
  • Area
  • Computer storage


npm install --save easy-converter


npm run test


npm test


var easyconverter = require('easy-converter');
var c = new easyconverter();

c.convert(1, 'cm').to('m');

The converter will return NaN in case of an unauthorized conversion.

c.convert(1, 'cm').to('b');
// => NaN

Supported units :


Unit Abbreviation in easy-converter
mil mil
inch in
foot ft
yard yd
mile mi
capefoot cp
rod rd
angstrom A
nanometer n
micron µ
millimeter mm
centimeter cm
meter m
kilometer km
light-year ly
light-day ld
light-hour lh
light-minute lm
light-second ls


Unit Abbreviation in easy-converter
carat (metric) ct
point (metric) pt
dram (avdp) adr
dram (troy) tdr
grain (metric) mgr
grain (troy) tgr
gram g
hundredweight (long) lhwt
hundredweight (short) shwt
kilogram kg
megagram Mg
milligram mg
ounce (avdp) aoz
ounce (troy) toz
pennyweight dwt
pound (avdp) alb
pound (metric) lb
pound (troy) tlb
slug slug
stone st
ton-assay (long) lAT
ton-assay (short) sAT
ton (long) ltn
ton (short) stn
ton-metric t
tonne (U.S. metric ton) t


Unit Abbreviation in easy-converter
square inch in2
square foot ft2
square yard yd2
square mile mi2
acre ac
hectare ha
square millimeter mm2
square centimeter cm2
square meter m2
square kilometer km2

Computer storage

Unit Abbreviation in easy-converter
bit b
kilobit kb
megabit Mb
gigabit Gb
terabit Tb
petabit Pb
exabit Eb
zettabit Zb
yottabit Yb
nibble nibble
byte B
kilobyte kB
megabyte MB
gigabyte GB
terabyte TB
petabyte PB
exabyte EB
zettabyte ZB
yottabyte YB

How to contribute

Just fork and create a PR! Try to match the coding style and indentation (2 spaces tabs) of the files in this repository.

To add a new converter just add add a module in lib/converters that exports an object containing units as keys and ratios as value the reference unit should have the value of 1.


module.exports = {
  "a": 1,
  "b": 2,
  "c": 3

This means b == 2 a and c == 3 a


Furey, Edward "Conversion Calculators" From - Online Calculator Resource. For the amazing formulas