Javascript Bitcoin Wallet. Supports Multisig, Stealth, HD, Time Locked Addresses, RBF and more!
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Latest commit 605a6df Dec 28, 2016 @OutCast3k committed on GitHub Updated coinbin.js
Fixed a bug, which was reported on that appears to have caused incorrect HD key pairs to be generated in certain situations, because 'coinjs.compressed = true;' was not always being set when the user entered a HD onto the #verify tab.


A Open Source Browser Based Bitcoin Wallet. Version 1.2 beta by OutCast3k

Live version available at or http://4zpinp6gdkjfplhk.onion

Github URL: supports a number of key features such as:

  • Offline Compressed & uncompressed Address creation.
  • Offline Multisignature Address creation.
  • "In browser" Key (re)generation.
  • Send and receive payments.
  • Ability to decode transactions, redeem scripts and more offline.
  • Build custom transactions offline.
  • Sign transactions offline.
  • Signatures are deterministic as per RFC 6979 (
  • Broadcast transactions.
  • nLockTime support.
  • Add custom data to transactions with the use of OP_RETURN.
  • Support current Dark Wallet Stealth Address structure (as of version Alpha 7) for outputs.
  • Brain wallet support.
  • Compatible with bitcoin-qt
  • An offical .onion address for tor users.
  • Offline qrcode creator and scanning tool
  • HD (bip32) support
  • Supports altcoins such as litecoin
  • Replace by fee (RBF) Support

Donate to 1CWHWkTWaq1K5hevimJia3cyinQsrgXUvg to see more development!