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Actix Web OpenTelemetry

Build Status actix-web-opentelemetry Documentation License: MIT

OpenTelemetry integration for Actix Web.

Exporter configuration

actix-web uses tokio as the underlying executor, so exporters should be configured to be non-blocking:

# if exporting to jaeger, use the `tokio` feature.
opentelemetry-jaeger = { version = "..", features = ["rt-tokio-current-thread"] }

# if exporting to zipkin, use the `tokio` based `reqwest-client` feature.
opentelemetry-zipkin = { version = "..", features = ["reqwest-client"], default-features = false }

# ... ensure the same same for any other exporters

Execute client and server example

# Run jaeger in background
$ docker run -d -p6831:6831/udp -p6832:6832/udp -p16686:16686 jaegertracing/all-in-one:latest

# Run server example with tracing middleware
$ cargo run --example server
# (In other tab) Run client example with request tracing
$ cargo run --example client --features awc

# View spans (see the image below)
$ firefox http://localhost:16686/

Jaeger UI


  • awc -- enable support for tracing the awc http client.
  • metrics -- enable support for opentelemetry metrics (only traces are enabled by default)
  • metrics-prometheus -- enable support for prometheus metrics (requires metrics feature)
  • sync-middleware -- enable tracing on actix-web middlewares that do synchronous work before returning a future. Adds a small amount of overhead to every request.