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2.0.3 (Unreleased)

  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.3
  • [#106] Support for Rails < 3.1 through Compass
  • [#132] Add CI testing
  • [#106] Support Rails w/Compass
  • [#134] Fix support for Rails w/Compass


  • [#86] Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.2 Things of note: static navbars now have full width. (to be fixed in 2.0.3) .navbar-inner > .container { width:940px; } seems to work in the meanwhile
  • [#62] Fixed asset compilation taking a very long time.
  • [#69, #79, #80] (Hopefully) clarified README. Now with less cat humour.
  • [#91] Removed doubled up Sass extensions for Rails.
  • [#63, #73] Allow for overriding of image-path
  • [SO] Added makeFluidColumn mixin for defining fluid columns. Fluid rows must use @extend .row-fluid, and any column inside it can use @include makeFluidColumn(num), where num is the number of columns. Unfortunately, there is a rather major limitation to this: margins on first-child elements must be overriden. See the attached Stack Overflow answer for more information.


  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.1
  • Modified @mixin opacity() to take an argument 0...1 rather than 0...100 to be consistent with Compass.


  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.0
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