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Git-Like Interface Command Line Parser


Dave Copeland (davetron5000 at g mail dot com)


Copyright © 2010 by Dave Copeland


Distributes under the Apache License, see LICENSE.txt in the source distro

This is a DSL you can use to create a command line interface like git, gem or svn, in that the first argument is a command, and there are global and command specific flags.


Install if you need to:

gem install gli

The simplest way to get started is to create a scaffold project

gli init my_proj command_name other_command_name

This will create a basic scaffold project in ./my_proj with:

  • executable in ./my_proj/bin/my_proj. This file demonstrates most of what you need to describe your command line interface.

  • an empty test in ./my_proj/test/tc_nothing.rb that can bootstrap your tests

  • a gemspec shell

  • a README shell

  • Rakefile that can generate RDoc, package your Gem and run tests

  • A Gemfile suitable for use with Bundler to manage development-time dependencies

Supported Platforms

Known to work on

  • 1.8.7

  • 1.9.2

Though likely works on various other versions.


Extensive documentation is available at the wiki



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